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About RelatiVotey

"Many people think their vote doesn't count-that a single vote would not change the outcome-and they stay home on Election Day. However, your vote is a public statement of beliefs, and your statement is amplified because many people in your voting district may agree with you, but do not, and in many cases cannot, vote. Your vote gives a voice to those many others.

For example, congressional elections affect everyone in the district, regardless if they are eligible to vote. The same senators represent everyone in your state. The same ballot questions affect everyone in your community.

Using data we've gathered from the United States Census Bureau, we have calculated just how many people you're representing with your vote. We directly compare the number of votes in recent congressional elections (by district) to the total population of the district.

When you vote, you're not only voting for your best interest, you're voting for the best interest of those around you."

— The RelatiVotey Team

RelatiVotey is a project developed under the umbrella of the Viral Communications Group at the MIT Media Lab, by students from around the MIT community, as part of an initiative to promote civic engagement in the digital age.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact us at

Special thanks to the Institute for Social Engagement for its help!